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  • Gottman Method Couples Therapy

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    Gottman Method Couples Therapy is a highly effective treatment option for couples that helps to manage conflict and allow partners to adjust and attune to one another within their relationship and enjoy greater intimacy. This method is strongly research based and also very human, recognizing the needs of individuals within relationships to feel heard and understood. Whether you are recovering from infidelity or other relationship trauma or need new tools for managing conflict, this approach will help you communicate more effectively and connect in ways that support genuine understanding.

    I have been trained in and practicing Gottman Method Couples Therapy since 2020. This is full-scale approach that utilizes a thorough relationship assessment and blends psychoeducation, skill development and talk therapy. All principles are well rooted in the foundation of research produced by renowned psychologist and researcher John Gottman and brought to clinical practice with fellow clinical psychologist and wife, Julie Gottman. Click here for more information about their work together and this approach.