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  • How Therapy Works

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    Therapy, whether individual or for couples, is a deeply personal experience. Therefore your therapy process will be unique and customized to your needs.

    My process always begins with awareness and is always collaborative. You are the expert in you. I am the expert in listening to you and helping you to define your needs and the goals you would like to set for yourself. We will also work to develop awareness of the barriers you experience in reaching your goals and any underlying factors that impact your life.

    As we progress, I will share information and resources to help you understand your own experience and then we will develop custom tailored skills and interventions to help you create change in a practical and attainable way. These concepts and skills will be based in well-founded and researched areas of psychology, family therapy and neurobiology. It is my hope that they will help you develop a stronger connection to your mind, body and emotional experiences as well as in your relationships.

    Therapy with me is as much about developing mental wellness as it is about reducing symptoms associated with mental illness. Concurrent to any work focused on your problems, we will also incorporate a healthy dose of positive psychology so that we maintain awareness of your strengths and what is going right.

    This is only a brief explanation of what you might expect in our work together. Whether you’re new to therapy or experienced, I understand that many feel some uncertainty or have questions. Please feel free to reach out so I can address them person-to-person.