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  • Rates & Insurance

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    60-Minute Session $175


    • 50-minutes in-person or virtual meeting
    • 10 minutes therapist planning and development
    • Resource sharing, case management and collaboration

    90-Minute Session $300


    • 90-minutes in-person or virtual meeting
    • 15 minutes therapist planning and development
    • Resource sharing, case management and collaboration


    I do not currently accept insurance, however, this does not necessarily mean you cannot receive insurance reimbursement.

    While I have chosen to no longer participate with insurance providers, I will be happy to provide you a Super Bill upon payment for services. You may submit this Super Bill to your insurance plan for reimbursement from an Out of Network Provider. Before beginning our work together, I advise you to contact your insurance company and inquire regarding their policies regarding reimbursement.

    There are a number of reasons you may consider paying out right for therapy.

    You don’t need to have a “diagnosis” to receive services.

    In order to receive care through an insurance plan you must meet diagnostic criteria for a mental health condition. There are many reasons individuals may not want to be labeled with a mental health condition or simply may not meet all the criteria for a mental health diagnosis, but would still like to receive the support of a professional in developing greater mental wellness.

    You will receive the highest degree of confidentiality.

    As insurance companies require you to meet a diagnostic criteria for a mental health condition, you waive confidentiality in order for this diagnosis and treatment records to be shared with your insurance provider. Once this information is shared it will become part of your medical record. While your healthcare information is protected by privacy laws, there are some circumstances where a diagnosis on record may affect you. Examples include in the pursuance of life insurance or in certain career fields.

    You may find more autonomy in making decisions about your care.

    Depending on your insurance plan there may be restrictions placed on the number of sessions, length of sessions, or types of treatment you can access. Paying outright for sessions will eliminate these restrictions and allow you and your provider to collaboratively determine the best course of treatment for you.

    You may find yourself more invested in the therapy process.

    In prioritizing you mental wellness to the degree that you make concessions in your budget, you may find that you experience increased motivation and willingness to engaged honestly and vulnerably in the therapy process, which ultimately leads to more beneficial outcomes.

    Your therapist has more time to focus on your individual care given reduced time spent on administrative tasks.

    I do what I do because I love working with people. Facilitating the insurance reimbursement process takes time and I prefer to put my time and resources into you and your care. By reducing my administrative overhead I am able to invest more resources into your care.

    Your therapist is able to carry a smaller case load, allowing more time for training and professional development.

    Because I work outside the network of insurance companies I am able to set my fees at a rate that allows me to maintain a smaller group of clients, which provides me more time and resources to devote to you as well as to specialized training and professional development. I am passionate about providing the highest level of care that is within my capacity and this is the primary reason I have chosen to forgo working with insurance companies.